The 5th MCD at Outer Mission 外米慎又来大麻店

Map for 100 sickle

100 sickle ave

Outer Mission/Excelsior and District 11 neighbors overwhelmingly oppose the new MCD applications at their neighborhoods. Sign at the form below, or print the paper version for circulation. Return address is inside the printed petition. / 三藩市居民大力反对再开大麻店,请在以下网表签名,或打印纸版请愿书收集签名后,请邮寄回亚裔选民协会。回邮在请愿书里。
Circulate Offline 打印纸版请愿书,给亲友签名:
Residents from different districts/cities must sign on a separate petition. 不同区或市住的居民请在不同的请愿书签名,即,外米慎区的签一页,住Excelsior、日落、Daly City的请签另页,以免被说充斥名单,因为不同区的签名将交给不同属辖的官员。【Petition to Oppose More MCDs 反对三藩市再开大麻店的请愿书】【English Flyer】 | 【中文传单】

Sign online 马上网上签名: