MCD at Chinese Corridor – 3015 San Bruno Avenue

Community meetings organized by the MCD project sponsor took place on 12/14/2016 and 12/20/2016. Community meeting organized by the opponents including San Francisco Resources Center is scheduled on 12/22/2016. The hearing at the Planning Commission will be at 1/5/2017, at Room 400 at City Hall. Exact time will be notified. Please attend all. | 大麻业者组织的两次社区会议是2016年12月14和20日. 包括社区资源中心在内的反对者组织的社区会议是2016年12月22晚在2798 San Bruno Ave。听证会定于2017年1月5日,在市政厅400室。具体时间会通知您。请务必参加所有的会议和听证会。
San Bruno Ave / Portolla at District 9 neighbors overwhelmingly oppose the new MCD application at their neighborhoods. Sign at the form below, or print the paper version for circulation. Return address is inside the printed petition. / 三藩市居民大力反对再开大麻店,请在以下网表签名,或打印纸版请愿书收集签名后,请邮寄回三藩市社区资源中心。回邮在请愿书里。
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Residents from different districts/cities must sign on a separate petition. 不同区或市住的居民请在不同的请愿书签名,即,San Bruno、Portola和第九区的签一页,住Excelsior、Visitacion Valley、日落、Daly City的请签另页,以免被说充斥名单,因为不同区的签名将交给不同属辖的官员。【Petition to Oppose More MCDs 反对三藩市再开大麻店的请愿书】【English Flyer】 | 【中文传单】

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